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Pump discharge valve facilitate the required operating time at the pump house to arrest at the surge/reversal of flow to pump. Replace two valves (Isolating valve + Non return valve) function in one valve.

Body material – Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast steel

Disc material – Ductile Iron, Carbon steel.

Clamping ring material – Stainless Steels, Carbon steel.

Seal material – EPDM, Nitrile.


Resilient seated Butterfly vales, bi-directional:

► “Blow-out proof” design to ensure no accidental stem push-out takes place under pressure.

► Available with a variety of hydraulic actuation.

► Adjustable closing time according to surge study can be achieved.

► After installation, final tuning / site adjustment of operating time can also be achieved.

► Standby pump optional available.

► Hand pump during power failure is inbuilt.

► Power pack manufacturer – only from reputed, proven make.

► Hydraulic units in enclosed container only, synchronized with Control panel.

► Each Hydraulic operated Butterfly valve tested individually.

► Double eccentricity is calculated and provided for each application and not a thumb rule of fixed eccentricity.

Manufacturing & Testing Standard BS 5155 (BS EN 593)/ IS 13095
End Connections Double flanged (short/long) Flanges drilled to IS/BS/ANSI/DN as per customer requirement
Size Range Flanged : 600 mm to 3000 mm
Pressure Ratings BS 5155 (BS EN 593) /IS 13095 – PN6, PN10, PN16, PN20 & PN25
Power operations Hydraulic
Seal B-type


  Component Material of construction
Body CI IS 210 Gr. Fg. 260/300, SG Iron – IS 1865 Gr. 500/7, 400/12, CS-ASTMA-A-216 Gr. WCB, MS Fabricated, MS IS 2062 Gr. Fe. 410A/B
Disc SG Iron – IS 1865 Gr. 500/7, 400/12, CS-ASTMA-A-216 Gr. WCB, MS Fabricated, MS IS 2062 Gr. Fe. 410A/B
Clamping ring MS IS 2062, CS-ASTMA-A-216 Gr. WCB, Stainless Steel ASTMA-273 Gr. CF8/ CF8M, Stainless Steel AISI-410 /304/ 316L
Disc seal Nitrile, EPDM.
Shaft Stainless Steel AISI-410 /304/ 316L, BS 970 420/431
Bearing bush Sleeve type Teflon lined / IS-318 LTB2
Fastners Internal S.S. 410/ 304/ 316/ 316L, External – High tensile steel.