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PRODUCT NAME: Double Kinetic Air release Valve

Air Valve is a combination of a small and a large orifice air valves, separate conventional isolating Non Rising Sluice Valve is provided for inspection / maintenance of the air valve without closing the main line.

These valves are designed with total compliance with applicable design and testing standards. All designs are validated for stress analysis. Air release valves find wide application in water works /water /effluent /sewage treatment plants.


► Double float design.

►Small orifice ball is of rubber lined seasoned timber, Large orifice ball is of Vulcanite lined seasoned timber.

►Stainless steel ball can be provided on demand.

►Perfect guide for small orifice ball and guide ribs with minimum clearance for large orifice ball for movement without wobble during   operation.

► Non clogging and self sealing balls for trouble free operation.

►Specially designed cowl to prevent unauthorized access to the large orifice ball, Provision of Tamper Proofing.

►Suitably shaped and precisely finished small orifice to enhance small orifice ball life.

►Large orifice to vent high quantity of air draining and filling of pipes.


► Water works.

► Water / Effluent / Sewage treatment plants.

► Fire Fighting.

► Power.



Valve Standard in accordance with IS 14845:2000
Flange ends on both sides according to IS 1538
Size Range 50 mm to 200 mm
Pressure Ratings PN10, PN16
End connection Flanged


Body/ High pressure cover/ Low pressure cover/ Cowl Cast Iron IS 210 Gr. FG 200/260
High Pressure Orifice LTB-2 IS 318
Floats Timber core with rubber coating/ Stainless steel
Seal Natural rubber